Click to hear 30 seconds of the trackCold Harbour Lane [Fisher] 

Jeremy Gilien [USA]

Jeremy Gilien voice, keyboards, guitar and programming

Jeremy sings Fisher, at BB King's Club in LA, July 2003


JG: I like English place names a lot, and I have been down to Brixton in South London, so I thought Cold Harbour Lane might be a good choice for a cover.

My aim was to attempt a more Procolish treatment of the song than Matthew Fisher did on I'll Be There, trying to achieve some Brookeresque phrasing with the melodic line, and adding lots of stately Hammond and piano.

The intro and the 11/8 middle bit are not particularly Procol-like, but seemed to work well enough within the context of the arrangement.

Ensoniq MR76 workstation for drums, bass, and piano. Hammond B2 through Leslie model 147. Martin DC-16GTE acoustic guitar. AKG D950 microphone. Recorded on Boss BR8 digital 8 track machine.

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