Click to hear 30 seconds of the trackThe Idol [Brooker / Reid] 

Antonio Costa Barbé  [Italy]

Alberto Gallarini – guitar,
extra warmth and touches
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Antonio Costa Barbé –
song project, vocals
and mixing ideas

Antonio Rotunda –
arranger and
master performer

ACB: I did think that my work on The Idol would result in a sort of very modest work: I had many ideas in my head, but I had insufficient time to obtain that I wanted, and find the right mood ... maybe because am I unsympathetic with idols? Who knows! But in the end, the tenacity of Antonio and Alberto gave my cover some better face ... in fact, at first, so ghostly.

Recorded using Logic Audio and Macintosh G4; Neumann TLM 103 mic; synths as follows: Proteus 2; Proteus 1; JV 1010; NanoPiano; SR 16; S. Canvas; EXS 24

Recorded and mixed in Italy, Novara, Rotan Studio: June 2003 (basic tracks), 12 and 22 November; guitar recorded in Pieve del Cairo, 'La Cittadella Clinic Room', 26 November 2003

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