The Devil Came from Kansas [Brooker / Reid]


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Alan Carnegie from RAM

ER: I chose this particular Procol Harum track for a slightly serendipitous reason whilst in the studio recording guitar tracks with Matthew White for a forthcoming album by his father, ex-Zombie and Argent bassist, Chris White, I found myself using the chord sequence of The Devil Came From Kansas to get a level ... I think it was simply down to my guitar sound at the time being rather reminiscent of the original Procol track, but who knows where these things come from ... and now look what we've gone and done to it!

Erik Russell from RAM

above Alan Carnegie, guitars + solo
below Sam Bushell, drums
Matthew White, keyboards
and programming
Erik Russell, voices + exotic guitar
Marina Johnson, choral voices
Sam Bushell from RAM Matt White from RAM Marina Johnson from RAM
Erik: I played a Fender 40th Anniversary Strat, DI'd through one of Matt's software amp simulations
Sam: for the session I borrowed a Sonor Drum Kit and a bedroom, but I used my very own sticks
Alan: I played the Gibson Les Paul Studio and any and all effects / amp simulation came from Matt and the Mac
Matt: I used Apple Titanium Powerbook / Logic Audio / Metric Halo ULN2 / Rode NT1 / SL-161 Midi Keyboard

Recorded and produced by Matthew White in Marina's kitchen extension (guitars / vocals) and Lauren's bedroom (drums) at Burrard Grove, Lymington, Hampshire. Recording equipment: an old Sony hi-fi, a random 17 year-old girl's bedroom, a good sense of humour and a lot of creativity in the absence of a studio or anything barely resembling one see photos below!


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above Matthew, Sam and Alan; below Sam, Erik, Alan, Matthew