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The Bluegrass Geeks [USA / UK]

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[Left to right]: Dennis Fetchet guitar, mandolin, fiddle, lead and baritone vocal
Roland Clare bass guitar, backing voices; Rodger Phillips banjo and tenor vocal

DF: I love the melody and chord changes on So Far Behind, and thought it a bit of a challenge to play it 'Bluegrass' style. Gary Brooker's M&M "So far, so far behind" in the middle was lifted from a recording of the 23 March 2003 concert at Köln, Germany: my alternate 'Ali Baba' lyric lines come from this show as well: hope that's OK!

Please enjoy this 'for fun' rendition.

USA: 2 X AKG 414
Aphex Tubessence mic preamp
2 x ADAT
Martin D-35 Guitar
Givens A5 Mandolin
Gibson Mastertone Banjo
A French fiddle ...

UK: Aria Pro II bass guitar, Cakewalk and domestic PC

The picture shows three Bluegrass Geeks playing So Far Behind on stage at BB King's Blues Club in Hollywood, 25 July 2003 [picture, Charlie Kirelawich]

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