Click to hear 30 seconds of the trackMagdalene (my Regal Zonophone)
      [Brooker / Reid] 
de Boni  [Brazil]

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I decided to work on Magdalene for this second Palers' Project CD because I think this is one of the finest Procol tunes. It's simple, very melodic, and the lyric is a masterpiece!

I first heard this song when I was only ten, and I remember it made a huge impact in the way I felt for music.

On this track I first recorded the keyboard pads (synth pad / voice pad / analog pad) and then I began to work around different sound textures for the melodic lines.

Hope you'll enjoy this track!

de Boni voice and instruments


Keyboards: Korg X-5 / Peavey DPM-SP
Mic: EletroVoice ND308
Recorded and mixed on ProTools 5.1 LE, through a Digi 001 interface card.
Mastering via Sound Forge 4.5 software

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