Quite Rightly So [Brooker, Fisher, Reid]

Al 'One-Eye' Edelist  [USA]

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Al 'One-Eye' Edelist vocal

Larry Pennisi instrument sounds, drum programming and arrangement

OE: concept and vocal techniques by One-Eye, interpretation and adaptation by Cerdes.

This version of Quite Rightly So is something I have heard in my head for years. While it is different than the Procol classic, I believe it preserves the underside and tonal balances of the original. All hail Procol Harum!

'One-Eye' recording at the studio of Jeremy Gilien in LA

Korg N5 Digital Synth
Korg MI Digital Synth
Roland Sound Expander (Analog synth / mellotron emulator)

Mackie 1202 Pro Mixer
AMD 1200 MH Computer
Cakewalk Digital recording software

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