A Whiter Shade of Pale [Brooker, Reid]

Antonio Costa Barbé  [Italy]

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Antonio Costa Barbé – song project, vocals and mixing ideas (with many thanks to Paolo Pizzimenti)

Laurita Tanzi – vocals, effects and great mixing
Antonio Rotunda – arranger and performer

ACB: the suggestion/challenge of recording a PERSONAL rendition of this song led me into an analysis of text and music. So it turned out that I decided to do a real project … bit by bit I did imagine some meanings and connections (especially with another PH song ... ), and I figured that my version must be a puzzle – but a very sincere puzzle – to voice my present vision of this immortal masterpiece. The two key changes give an atmosphere of "ill-strongness" to the three leading characters (She, She/Simple Sister, and Neptune/Miller/miller/mirror/male), all three trying desperately to communicate with each other, and trying to interact without rape their own souls.

Recorded and mixed using Logic Audio and Macintosh G4 at Rotan Studio Novara, Italy, on 3 May, 19 June, 1 July, 30 July and 5 September 2002

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